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Kipor Generators For Sale : Kipor IG2000P-CETL Generator Review

Want to find Kipor Generators For Sale?

Kipor generators for sale - Clean, quiet and safe power when you need it!

This Kipor generator is on sale and it has free shipping. Click here and save money!

This just in! As of October 12th, 2011 – We have found a great Kipor generator for sale! But you may want to hurry as this Kipor IG2000P-CETL parallel ready 2,000 generator may sell out at this price pretty fast.

Regularly, the Kipor IG2000P-CETL sells for about $600.00 ($599.99) and right now, it falls in the price range of Kipor generators for sale at $500.44. Nearly a $100 savings. Great deal indeed.

Also known as Kipor 67341 IG2000P-CETL 2,000 Watt Parallel-Ready Inverter Generator – (to be very specific).

What is slightly different about this Kipor Generator is that it is equipped to run 2 Kipor generators (side by side) – also why they call it “parallel ready.”

Here are a few key points we think you will appreciate on these Kipor generators for sale:

Comes complete with 12-volt charge cables
Includes (2) 120-volt 30-amp plug receptacles and a Kipor accessory kit
Completely safe for use with sensitive electrical equipment like your computer
Currently the Kipor generators for sale has 4.1 of 5.0 Star rating from real customers
And it’s a pretty darn quiet generator to buy. (we like that very much) :)

Kipor Generators For Sale – The IG2000P-CETL

This Kipor IG2000P lets you bring an outdoor power source wherever you need it. Kipor Inverter Generators provide cleaner energy and power The IG2000P-CETL provides up to 3-1/2 hours run time at maximum load…read the full generator review just below and watch the 3 Kipor videos too.

Read more in our Generator Reviews section and what to consider when you buy very quiet generators.

Kipor 67341 IG2000P-CETL 2,000 Watt Parallel-Ready Inverter Generator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (11)
List Price: $599.00
Quiet, lightweight, and easy to use, the Kipor IG2000P lets you bring an outdoor power source wherever you need it. Kipor Inverter Generators provide cleaner energy to power sensitive electronic equipment while being quieter, maintaining greater fuel efficiency, and releasing less exhaust into the environment. The IG2000P-CETL provides up to 3-1/2 hours run time at maximum load; requiring less output will extend the run time above 3-1/2 hours. Use a Parallel Wiring Kit to connect two IG2000P to create double the power! The IG2000P is ideal for providing everyday portable power to a wide range of electronic devices and also[Read More]

Magna 3300 Watt Inverter Generator Review And Video | Very Quiet

Magna 3300 Watt Inverter Generator Review With Video

Looking for more information about the quiet Magna 3300 watt inverter generator ? You are in the right place. We have Magna 3300 generator reviews (as rated by real people who have bought this unit) and we have for you several Magna inverter generator videos. We believe this will help you make an informed decision.

According to the manufacturer, “These generators will run longer and cost you less while providing the best power output in the industry. It compares with Honda and Yamaha.”

Additionally, of course, we like to know how quiet this generator is (since our name is Buy Quiet Generators.com :) ). We were pleasantly surprised to find out the the noise level is as follows: Noise level: 54dB at idle, 59dB at full load. Not bad at all.

Another neat feature on this Magna SF3300 generator is that is also comes with Remote Start. Watch this video that demonstrates the Magna generator remote starting capability as well as the others. PS: The design of the video version has changed a bit from the 2011 Magna.

2011 Model Magna 3300 Watt Inverter Generator with Electric Start and Remote Start - Quiet
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (6)
List Price: $1,399.00
You are looking at the new Remote Start and Electric Start Magna 3300 Watt (3000 Watt rated load) digital inverter generator. This new generator unit include an upgraded steel fuel tank and also better remote start system. This is the same generator as Powerhouse PH3100RI but in different generator housing and not pull out handlebar. You also save over 40% of fuel cost compare to use traditional generator of the same size due to its variable engine speed technology and lighter weight of the alternator. It is brand new in box and in stock ready to ship. This generator is[Read More]

Take A Portable Generator: Don’t Go Without Your Modern Cons On Your Next Camping Trip

Beef Up The Convenience Level With A Portable Generator

The benefits of owning a portable generator for your camping trips are obvious. You don’t need to go without all the mod cons for starters. Some people believe that camping is equal to roughing it but a growing number are starting to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Portable whisper quiet generators are useful for both tent camping and caravan or RV camping. Your particular need for a portable generator will determine the type of model that you choose.

When you are choosing a portable generator you first need to determine your power requirements. This is just very basic maths. Most devices will list their requirements in watts so just add these up for all the appliances you will have powered at the same time and you will have your approximate power requirements. Some don’t have wattage requirements on them but they are easy to work out if you know the amps and volts. Watts=Amps x Volts and you will arrive at the wattage needed to power the device.

Another important often overlooked requirement is the start up current required. If you have large appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and or freezers in your arsenal of travel gear then you need to factor in the start up current for your total power requirements.
For example, a fridge will require up to 3 times the amount of operating current to start up. Forgetting this important factor could damage your appliances and fry a few electronics. You don’t have to add the starting currents all together. Just the ones that you know will be starting at the same time will give you your maximum power requirements.

Fuel Choices For Portable Generators

For camping trips gasoline powered is a good choice but gasoline has a short shelf life. If you need to store a fuel supply for emergencies then most suppliers will recommend a propane powered generator. Some generators are dual or even tri-fuel capable so if you like to have choices you should seriously consider getting one of those models.

Other Things To Consider For Portable Generators

If you are using your generator primarily for camping then the sound rating will be high on your list of requirements. There are quite a few campsites that don’t allow generators but you don’t want to abuse the privilege when staying at one that does. Most campers are there for the peace and quiet so keep your generator use to a minimum and never at night.
These days there are many models that are available that are super quiet but the important thing to remember when it comes to portable generators is that you get what you pay for so plan to pay a little extra for quality and durability. If you camp in national forests you will need to get a generator that has an approved spark plug arrestor. It doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side when it comes to preventing forest fires.

About the Author:

Camping is a great past time so if you are looking for more information on how to enjoy it more visit the author’s website at portable camping generators.

Yamaha EF2000iS Review | The Best Inverter Generator?

UPDATED Yamaha EF2000is Review – We decided to take another look at this Yamaha inverter generator and see if the customers are still weighing in with high marks. We even added a little section to the right of Buy Quiet Generators.com – so that it would update daily. As you can see – the Yamaha EF2000is is still this highest ranked portable inverter generator out there.

Added to this Yamaha EF2000IS review are 3 new great videos

1) How to change the oil in the Yamaha EF2000IS Video

2) Complete Yamaha EF2000IS Walk-a-Round From a Real Owner (very good video)

3) How To Connect 2 Yamaha EF2000is Generators Together

Yamaha EF2000IS Review - Still On Top With Real Customers

The Yamaha EF2000IS Still Holding True With Real Customers

Over and over again, the Yamaha EF2000is continues to impress those who have bought it. If you look at the Generator Comparison chart you will see it is also the most quiet generator out there – 51.5 dB is the lowest and they have it. As some have said, you get what you pay for.

A Few Yamaha EF2000IS Considerations

As of the time of this post (which was originally back in January 2011), the Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 watt portable inverter generator is leading the way with excellent reviews from those who have purchased it and used it. It is a very quiet inverter generator that can be used for camping, RVing, tailgating, fishing outings or any other outdoor pursuit. Of course it would make a great back up generator in those times of power outages, storms, you name it.

One consideration to look at is the fact that it does NOT come with oil, an oil spout, gas can or generator power cord. This Yamaha EF2000iS review can say it does come with the cord that will allow you to charge batteries: 12v output designed for charging vehicle or boat batteries DC outlet – (cables included)

Another possible drawback for some folks will be the price. It is definitely more expensive than comparable models – yet this doesn’t seem to deter those looking for quality and quietness in their generator. I would say do NOT pay more than $1,089.10 (as of this writing) I have seen it selling for over $1,300.00 and there is certainly no reason to pay those amounts. Read this full Yamaha EF2000is review and watch the included video(s) for more information.

How To Change The Oil In Your Yamaha EF2000IS Generator

Full Yamaha EF2000IS Review Video By A Real Owner

How To Connect 2 Yamaha EF2000is Generators Together

Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant, Blue
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (290)
List Price: $1,099.00
Sale Price: $914.15
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Powerful, portable, and efficient, the Yamaha EF2000iS Gas-Powered Portable Inverter delivers maximum electrical output without sacrificing portability. Thanks to its innovative inverter system, the generator is able to generate up to 2,000 watts of clean AC power. It can run up to 10.5 hours continuously without refueling and uses premium technologies to maximize fuel efficiency.EF2000iS InverterAt a GlanceCombines powerful output with portabilityInverter system allows you to power delicate machineryFuel-efficient; can run for 12 hours without refuelingLightweight and easy to carryBacked by a 2-year warrantyCompact and ergonomic, the EF2000iS is easy to store and transport. View larger.TwinTech technology allows you to[Read More]

Find and read more before buying quiet generators